In 2009, the Obama Administration had an idea to bring people to the White House website and engage them – allow ordinary Americans to create petitions on the site. If a petition became popular enough, the Administration would issue an official response.
With that, “We the People” was born, and became so popular that last month it had to be reassessed. After a variety of petitions had reached the 25,000 signature threshold needed for a response (including one fantastic idea that the U.S. construct the Death Star as a stimulus program), the standard was raised to 100,000 signatures.
At some point in your PR program, you may develop a campaign that becomes more popular than you imagined. If it happens, here are some tips to cope with the abundance of success:
Utilize additional resources – Whether they are available within your organization or need to be acquired from the outside, do not fear using additional resources for a successful venture. If you had a machine that produced a money-making product and demand exceeded that machine’s capacity, you would add equipment. View PR campaigns the same way.
Learn about existing technologies – At The Marcus Group, we take advantage of technologies that allow us to better manage our time and many of those technologies have inexpensive or even free versions. For example, HootSuite allows you to interact with and manage multiple social media accounts, while Google Analytics can help you learn what times of the day and from where your campaign is the most successful. Before launching your campaign, learn what tools are available to you.
Be Prepared – If your campaign involves an event in a physical location, be sure to let the public know admission will be limited. If the campaign is entirely online, you can test ideas on a small scale to determine interest level before involving everyone.
Congratulations on the success of your new campaign. Now be sure you have a plan to manage that success or risk losing all of your PR benefits and more.