Too many companies approach their Facebook page with a checklist.  As long as they can tick off a few status updates and get a few likes each week – they’re all set.
Well, think again!
Are your followers engaging with your posts? Do photos and video do better than links? Is there a certain time of day that is best to reach your followers?
If you want to find your Facebook mojo, now is the time to get answers to those questions.
In order to truly evaluate how your page is doing (and if your time and effort is being well spent) a little more work is required on your part. Facebook does a lot of it for you – but you’ll need to do a little digging to find the data gems you need
Facebook’s new Insights tool takes the cake as the social site that provides the most comprehensive analytics for brands.
But since most people don’t have time to comb through the huge spreadsheet of data… we’ve broken down the most useful insights for marketers and brand managers:
Top Posts – After downloading your post level data for the month, take a look at which post has the highest engagement rate. That post is your top performer of the month. (Hint: you may be surprised – it may not necessarily have the most likes or comments!)
Engagement Rate – This metric is always relative to page size. For pages with smaller fan bases, the Engagement Rate may grow rapidly, especially if a post goes viral. Essentially, it’s the percentage of people who saw a post that clicked, liked, commented or shared it.
Audience – As a brand, knowing your target audience is extremely important. Therefore, checking your page demographics is equally as important – not only to see who likes your page, but others you are reaching.
When Your Fans Are Online – This section shows you how many of your followers are online each hour. Plus, it gives you the peak hour for each day and the week. Make sure you are posting during those key times to maximize reach.
Every brand should know and track these basic metrics on a monthly basis and adjust your page strategy accordingly.  You could find it’s as simple as tweaking the time of day you post or it could require more re-thinking based on your overall strategy.
While there’s certainly more insights you may need, these are the essentials to finding your Facebook mojo.