Yahoo! Inc. made news this quarterly earnings season, having nothing to do with the company’s earnings per share, revenue growth or its balance sheet. Instead of the usual (boring) conference call with analysts, CEO Marissa Mayer and CFO Ken Goldman appeared on video and presented their company’s results as if it were a newscast.
The format change not only added a new dimension for analysts, investors and other stakeholders, but made the presentation more appealing and could potentially attract more investors who would not listen to a standard earnings conference call.
The prospect of adding video to quarterly earnings reports has far more implications than just financial news announcements.
Video is increasingly becoming incorporated into other kinds of news reporting. With the proliferation of smartphones capable of taking video, reporters are more likely to take out their iPhone and interview a company’s spokesperson “on camera” to accompany an online story with video. This adds a new element to a standard article, personalizing a message through video, which can then be disseminated online and through social media.
Companies can prepare for this change by considering how video can be incorporated into their news. For example, a video featuring executives and spokespersons can be produced for major announcements and posted on the company blog. The personable elements of the video connect with readers and provide a level of transparency from the company they can appreciate.
The videos can also be posted on company social sites, such as YouTube, to be shared directly with the public in real-time and create online buzz.
With video becoming increasingly important for all types of announcements, is your news ready for video?