Labor Day weekend marks the unofficial end to summer. While you enjoy the last warm nights and get ready to put your summer clothes in the back of the closet, kids are undoubtedly thinking about going back to school. Join them and use this time to refresh your marketing skills and learn new ones.

Now is a great time to recharge and think about the big picture of your business moving forward. To help you, here is a sample of The Marcus Group staff’s recommended reading:

  • Going from a product (a car) to a brand (The Ultimate Driving Machine) takes strategic approach and a consistency of messaging. The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding is a marketing classic, and lays out the premises for your strategy based on the most successful companies on Earth.
  • Last year, The Marcus Group awarded Likeable Business to winners of our Facebook contest because of the practical advice it offers. Being likable takes more than having great social media content; your business needs to be the kind of company that employees, customers and investors enjoy interacting with regularly.
  • In the era of search engine optimization, small business owners often think of “positioning” as being on the first page of a Google search result. But you are much more likely to have a customer click on your site – or skip the search engine entirely – if they are already aware of you. Positioning: The Battle for your Mind is another marketing title to add to your list. It teaches readers how to establish a niche when a leader is already established, and to nudge your way into a culture’s subconscious.
  • Sometimes, thunderstorms ruin your day off, and the same is true in business. In Crisis Tales, Lanny Davis, an advisor to President Clinton discusses his rules for managing a crisis, and case studies of where these rules applied. Whether a crisis is self-inflicted, or thrust upon you by outside forces, Davis lays out how to be honest and transparent in your response.

Have a favorite marketing book for our list? Leave it in the comments section or post it to our Facebook page.