“Oh, no. Not another change to another social media site,” you may be thinking.
Well, hold it right there! While it seems like social media sites are changing every day (which, let’s face it, some are!), there are some key updates and new looks that brands should know about and take advantage of.
The most recent to unveil changes is Twitter. The site is gradually rolling out a major redesign of user profiles. The new look adds a lot more user information and several new features — and it looks quite similar to another major social media site you know and love (hint, hint: think profile and cover photos).
Here are some of Twitter’s new features:
  • Tweets are highlighted that have the most engagement by displaying them slightly larger than the rest.
  • Tweets can be pinned to the top of the page.
  • A larger user photo and customizable header image.
  • You can choose which timeline to view when checking out a profile page.
  • Users can see all tweets, tweets with photos and videos only, or just tweets and replies.

Sounding very similar to Facebook? Well, it is! The main difference is that on Twitter’s user profiles, photos are placed below your followers and Facebook has it the other way around.

So, let’s get back to why these changes matter (and your brand should care about them).
First, users can choose to switch to the new layout now or wait until Twitter makes the switch for them. Also, the new look only applies to the desktop version of Twitter, not the mobile version used by smartphones and tablets (which is the principal way that people use the service).
Second, in this case, “better” means more visual cues about what’s important on the page, so brands have an opportunity to direct followers’ attention to messages and images more precisely. For example, pinning a tweet to the top of the page can call a users attention to that particular message. You also still have the ability to customize headers to express your brand.
And, since visitors to a profile page get three options to view tweets (original tweets, tweets plus replies to others, and tweets with photos or videos) brands have an opportunity to really demonstrate how they are interacting with their followers. Even more reason to make sure you’re addressing needs and questions in a transparent and timely manner!
Is your brand an avid Twitter user? What do you think of the new look?